Babington Colours

Babington Colours High Gloss Kitchen Doors - Babington Stone

Babington Colours Kitchen Doors

Modern yet timeless, Babington replacement kitchen doors give a high gloss kitchen with minimal straight lines.

Sprayed lacquer finish providing strength and resilience.

  • All standard door sizes available;
  • High-gloss, tough quality finish;
  • Available pre-fitted to colour-coded cabinets;
  • Replacement doors only, or a complete kitchen;
  • Prices include VAT

Babington Canvas with concave layout

Babington Canvas

Babington Canvas -Tough and durable, understated yet stylish.
These high gloss doors are manufactured with an MDF core that's finished with up to 6 lacquer coats.
This ensures these doors will stay looking sharp for years to come.  Available to order in a wide range of sizes. [information, sizes and prices]

Price From: £7.30
Babington Latte coupled with Babington Nero

Babington Latte

Babington Latte - a striking yet warm high-gloss finish in this desirable minimalist design, this stylish kitchen will bring a smile to your face every time you enter the room.
Super flexible, replacement kitchen doors available as singles (undrilled) or pre-attached to our quality colour-coded carcasses. [information, sizes and prices]

Price From: £7.30
Babington Nero (room also features Babington Latte)

Babington Nero

Babington Nero - The 6 coats of polyester and polyurethane lacquer ensures the high gloss finish on these kitchen doors resists the bumps and scrapes of real life and continues to impress - year after year!
Jet black and available in all standard sizes, these can also be coupled with our 2014 collection of curved plinths and doors. [information, sizes and prices]

Price From: £7.98
Babington Pavilion

Babington Pavilion

Babington Pavilion - the green-grey high gloss finish of Pavilion provides a warm and contemporary look in any setting.
This range includes modern convex curved end kitchen cabinets and plinths which are practical and a real talking point. [information, sizes and pricing]

Price From: £7.98
Babington Pearl

Babington Pearl

Babington Pearl - timeless design with flowing lines and including an option of the modern twist of curved feature cabinets and doors. A high-gloss white kitchen design that's guaranteed to 'wow' your guests.
The entire kitchen can be supplied as doors-only or pre-assembled with quality cabinets. [click for sizes and prices]

Price From: £7.56
Babington Stone and Pavilion

Babington Stone

Babington Stone - This beautiful stone finish provides a subtle natural warmth which perfectly complements a stone worktop.
Equally at home with wooden surfaces, this range also includes curved base and wall cabinet doors with the option to mix-and-match our other colours in this style. [information, sizing and prices]

Price From: £7.98

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