We can now supply Kitchen Cabinets with Doors and Drawer fronts already drilled, hinged and fitted to the cabinet all fittings are by 'BLUM'.

I would like to point out some of the advantages.

If you are planning to fit your own kitchen then this will make a huge difference in terms of your time and the expertise needed for drilling holes for hinges and the relevant screw positions on drawer fronts, mistakes can be expensive. All the drilling and fitting is done in a factory environment by professional trade’s people, if they make a mistake they will put it right it’s not your problem.

If you are employing a fitter to install your kitchen then this will make a big difference to the overall cost of fitting, drilling 35mm holes to take the hinges and fitting drawer fronts requires some specialized tooling and is very time consuming, plus your kitchen will be installed much more quickly. We have been very keen to keep the pricing on the Completed Units very affordable and continue to supply a very high quality product, I believe with the response we have so far we have achieved this.

We are always happy to supply a written quotation free of charge and without any obligation and are always available for free help and advice. We don’t employ any salespeople. The turnaround from ordering to delivery is approximately 10/12 working days.

If you do  require any further advice or information you are welcome to give us a call. We just love talking Kitchens.

0113 216 3456  info@ doorbox.co.uk

Barry Barker