Important Breaking News from Doorbox!

Huge changes are happening at Doorbox, in order to make things easier for our customers whilst also increasing choice, we are now stocking fully assembled kitchen cabinets with your choice of doors and drawer fronts drilled, hinges fitted and attached to the cabinet.

Our customers will still have the option to purchase individual kitchen doors from our huge range so don’t worry if you are looking to revamp your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors as this type of purchase is still available.

Our kitchen cabinets are of the highest quality and the work carried out to drill and attach the doors and soft close drawers is completed by highly skilled professionals. This will save you time and money.

Over the coming months the Doorbox website will undergo changes to reflect the new methods under which we now operate but in the meantime if you are looking to purchase fully assembled kitchen units with your choice of doors and drawers fitted please contact us for further information.

Buying and installing your dream kitchen has never been easier.