Making Sense of Kitchen Design

Clean lines and uncluttered spaces offer a psychological advantage to the end user of any space due to the fact that as people, we work more productively when afforded the opportunity to work within an environment that is not dominated by too much colour or overcrowded by too many design elements.

Therefore, do not try to fill every wall and every open area with something but rather focus on critical design elements that bring character and functionality to the space. You do not need to be scared of an open wall or open floor space because if the space has been correctly designed, that open wall or open floor space will just add to the magnitude of the design already achieved.

Integrated appliances and ‘Handleless’ design is critical in bridging the gap between form and function and will ultimately result in a space that is uncluttered and seamless in its flow.

The combination of textures in the same living space is essential so that the space still has substance and a sense of depth while customising the internals of cabinets with specifically designed inserts in order to house all the necessary functional items creates a sense of calm while using the space. The use therefore of sliding units and drawer systems is critical as everything needs to have its place.

It is not enough to just have a lot of cabinets, they each need to have a specific purpose and that purpose ranges from storing day to day cooking items, crockery and dining items to audio visual equipment and household items for the family.’

Keeping function in mind, can a theme/style enhance the ergonomics within a kitchen?

‘Ergonomics is the flow and movement within a space so yes, the modern style will enhance the flow and movement within this living space as the space will be uncluttered and overall functional where each task needed is catered for.

The philosophy of relational living which prescribes that a space must be designed in a way where the experience of each person – performing a task or not – is enhanced and not hindered, is key to the ergonomics in the kitchen living space being enhanced.’

So can home owner’s style or create a theme themselves or is it advisable to get an interior decorator in? ‘Homeowners can definitely create a modern theme themselves without a decorator as they can go through magazines, websites and showrooms to get a feel for what a modern space should be but we also cannot minimize the benefit of using an designer as they would be able to see things that the client would most times not see as they work with styles every day.’

Innovation is key when it comes to your own living space, utilizing space and following your own innate response to what looks and feels like home! You can never go wrong!