According to recent figures from Radiator Centre Ltd, which specialises in giving customers expert know-how accumulated from over 25 years of radiator experience, 2010 saw a massive increase in online sales of radiators, as more and more people combine labour and time-saving shopping on the internet when looking for the right radiators for their homes.

The firm specialises in tailoring specific customer needs, advising consumers on the radiator best suited to their situation - be it high output, eco friendly or good old fashioned cast iron.

The use of the internet has given consumers a much greater insight into the radiators they are viewing, giving detailed specifications, the option to create bespoke radiators and also special deals and discounts for online shopping. These factors, combined with the bonuses of secure payments and a variety of delivery options give the customer far more control over their order, with a spokesman from Radiators Centre stating that it expects to see online purchases "rising even more sharply in the near future."